Quality Music Lessons

Our lessons are the foundations of our continued success. The number of instruments we’ve offered has grown considerably since we first opened our doors and we are now able to offer:

  • Piano lessons
  • Violin Lessons
  • Cello Lessons
  • Recorder Lessons
  • Clarinet Lessons
  • Oboe Lessons
  • Flute Lessons
  • Saxophone Lessons
  • Trumpet Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Drums lessons
  • Voice Lessons
  • Theory Lessons

We specialise in one to one (private) lessons. It’s the best way for the teacher to cater to each student’s individual learning habits. However, for those looking for a more social experience with their lessons, we do offer paired of group lessons but will be subject to availability and conditions.

Training Programs

Besides our instrumental lessons we also offer training courses.

Ensemble Training

Develop skills for teamwork with other musicians when participating in ensembles and orchestras. This practical course will provide the opportunities to work with other students and teachers in larger groups and music that require multiple instruments. Throughout the year we hold rehearsals for various ensembles and orchestras training.

Scholarship Training

Applying for a music scholarship will save you tens of thousands of dollars in education costs. Scholarships these days are awarded for extraordinary abilities and commitment to their chosen area, and it’s becoming more competitive with higher requirements. Our scholarship training course will help you understand the ins and outs of auditions, and give you the edge you need to make a successful application. Of course, the effort and practice is still on you to maintain!

Holiday Workshops

During the school holidays we hold workshops that focus on various areas of music that lie outside of instrumental tuition. Our workshops can focus on aural training, sight reading, music theory, singing, as well as fun and games to keep our creative minds active! Other workshops can include exam preparation, and how to practice. These workshops are perfect for those who are not travelling around during the break and would like to engage outside of the musical box.


We offer masterclasses for our more advanced students. Masterclasses are a great way to get a second opinion before a competition or exam. Masterclasses are held throughout the year by some of the top musicians in Australia and around the world and are open for both parents and students. Not all masterclasses target students, and can deal with ideas such as teaching parents how to help with their child’s progress at home.


We encourage our students to sit at least one music examination for the experience and create motivation in their studies. We understand that exams are not for everyone, and every student has different personalities – but part of learning is to put ourselves through different experiences and overcoming difficulties is how we become stronger.

Our school is able to put students through a variety of examination boards including Australia’s largest, AMEB. We also have ANZCA, ABRSM and AGME.


For the more ambitious, we can also enrol our students in Eisteddfods and Competitions.


Check out our events page for snaps and details of our concerts!


If you would like to register your interest, send us an email via the Contact Us form.

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