About Us

The premier music school in Melbourne – Music World is comprehensive, dedicated and privately owned. Headed by a renowned team both active and contributing to the professional music scene in Australia, Music World has a history spanning 3 decades. With hundreds of students and a diverse list of ever expanding instruments, our sound reputation comes from years of reliable, personalized service and quality music education for our students. We are easily approachable, if learning music is one of your many dreams – we look to welcome you to our world.

Music World is supported by a strong staff and a team of ever-growing teachers, with partnerships with primary/secondary schools around Melbourne, professional music institutions and venues around Australia (and beginning internationally!); whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, we’re sure to have something to meet your requirements. Everyone at Music World are musicians and have in-depth knowledge of their instrument of expertise ensuring that you receive the right information and guidance in your search.

Learning music is not just about self-fulfilment but also sharing it with family, friends and the wider community. As such, throughout the year we hold concerts for our students to showcase their talents and achievements to everyone. This is also great performance practice!

Our Philosophy

Music World provides exceptional music education so that students of all ages and different walks of life may understand improvement and excellence.

Music can enrich your life by improving confidence, cognitive development and interpersonal skills. Our passionate, talented team work together teaching and performing at our Melbourne studios while the caring, friendly environment ensures that music is taught both for enjoyment as well as achievement.

A commitment to the community is imperative to us. We continue to partner with primary and secondary schools around Victoria as well as institutions abroad. By working with students, teachers and parents, we hope that future generations retain the ability to impact and change lives as music has done for all of us.

We love what we do

and we pride ourselves on doing the best we can for our students and community.

We frequently receive proposals from teachers applying to work with us. As music teachers, performers, or concert organizers ourselves – we have a strict qualification and interview process.

We hand pick each of the eligible professionals and there is a minimum qualification requirement of a Bachelors in Music with most holding a Masters in Music (performance or education) and the rare few with a PhD. On top of this, we look for teachers who are able to communicate effectively, show their passion in music and dedication to their students. All our teachers hold a valid Working with Children Check card.

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